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STI is an international research center dedicated to the analysis of significant social trends: Family, Bioethics, Culture & Lifestyles and Corporate Governance


  • A Call to Invigorate Society

    Harold James, Co-Editor of 'The Thriving Society' and member of our Board of Advisers, encourages readers to strive towards a society that is not merely decent but dynamic.

    ene 18, '16
  • Implications of the Gender Gap

    This is the second IFFD policy paper on unpaid work shared by its Director of International Relations, Ignacio Socias. This paper considers the influence of gender inequality on labor outcome.

    ene 11, '16
  • The Value of Care and Domestic Work

    Ignacio Socias, Director of International Relations at the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) shared with STI two policy papers on the value of unpaid work in the home, the first of which follows. The second will follow next week.

    dic 28, '15
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