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  • The Ethical Backbone of Social Life

    Philosopher Ana Marta González, recently appointed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, expands in this interview on her latest book: "La articulación ética de la vida social."

    sep 19, '16
  • What Unique Moral Questions Are Raised by Pregnancy?

    In her new book, "The Ethics of Pregnancy, Abortion and Childbirth: Exploring Moral Choices in Childbearing," Dr. Helen Watt addresses that question from a philosophical angle. Watt (Focus on the Embryo) expands on her work in this interview for STI.

    sep 05, '16
  • “Businesses can be a great help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”

    SDG-Fund director, Paloma Durán, reflects on the role the private sector can play in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, explaining some of the work the Fund is already doing to integrate businesses in the new era of sustainable development.

    ago 04, '16
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