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Research areas
  • Family

    Marriage and family life in contemporary societies
  • Bioethics

    Ethical dimension of science and biotechnology
  • Culture & Lifestyles

    Contemporary cultural trends with an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Governance

    The governance of the business corporation

STI is an independent, non-profit research center that offers institutional and financial support to academics in all fields who seek to make sense of emerging social trends and their effects on human communities.

Meetings, publications and downloads

Experts Meetings

  • Transforming Global Governance

    The workshop is intended to bring together scholars to explore whether there has been a change in the organization of global governance, what has produced this change, and whether this change is good or bad for achieving progress on the world’s most pressing global issues. 

    one month ago
  • Global Finance and the Moving Image

    This workshop, organized by the 'Emotional Culture and Identity' project at the University of Navarra, is co-sponsored by STI and the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS).

    3 months ago
  • Money vs. Marriage: What’s Driving Growing Inequality in the U.S.?

    Law professor Naomi R. Cahn (George Washington University) will debate sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox (University of Virginia) on marriage and inequality. Catherine Rampell, a columnist at the Washington Post, and Kay Hymowitz, the William E. Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, will serve as respondents.

    9 months ago


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