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STI organizes meetings with more or less a dozen scholars from a variety of disciplines to discuss specific issues of current social significance. The conferences, which occur over a two-and-a-half day period at any one of a number of venues around the world, are planned well in advance with a professor who serves as the academic director. This professor shapes the conference questions, proposes invitees, usually contributes a paper, and directs conference discussion.

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STI asks a majority of conference participants to submit a paper on the subject at hand and aims to publish these papers in a single volume. Between the end of the meeting and publication, the papers may be revised in light of the conference discussion.

Several discussants, who are experts on the topic but do not submit a paper, are invited to contribute to the meeting. 

Each meeting is organized under one of the four branches of STIs research:  Family, Bioethics, Culture & Lifestyles, and Corporate Governance.

Additionally, STI sometimes sponsors or co-sponsors similar meetings that fall outside of the purview of the four branches.  Such meetings may be organized by other institutions.

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