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Fashion, Image and Identity

Rome, Italy | November 26, 2004

Why has fashion become so notorious in modern society?

On November 26, 2004, STI held its first Culture & Lifestyles Experts Meeting at the Jolly Hotel in Rome. University of Navarra Professor Ana Marta González presented a background paper and participants were invited to write a paper with their views.

This private event explored questions such as: Why has fashion become so notorious in modern society? Is fashion linked mainly to consumerism? Has fashion anything to do with social identity? What is the best way to preserve subjectivity in an objectifying world? 



Colin Campbell – University of York
The Modern Western Fashion Pattern, its Functions and Relationship to Identity

Diana Crane – University of Pennsylvania 
Notes on Fashion and Social Identity

Christopher J. Berry - University of Glasgow
Fashion, Desire and Identity

Armando Fumagalli - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan
The Consumerist Soul of Fashion

Paolo Braga - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan 
The Consumerist Soul of Fashion

Laura Bovone – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan
Fashion, Identity and Social Actors

Francesco Cecere – Eating Disorders Center, Rome, Italy
The Impact of the Term "Fashion" on Medical and Psychiatric Literature

Raphael M. Bonelli – University Clinic of Psychiatry, Graz, Austria
Fashion, Lifestyle and Psychiatry

Aubrey Pierens - Management Institute of Paris 
Fashion: A Media Chimera? 

María Teresa Russo – Campus Bio-Medico University, Rome, Italy
Strong Fashion and Weak Identity: A Necessary Association?


María Elena Larraín – University of Los Andes
Ann Margaret Brach – National Academy of Sciences
Alejandro Nestor García – University of Navarra
Marianne Law - Department for Trade and Industry, UK Government
Emanuela Mora - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan
Melissa Moschella - Princeton University
Karen Sanders - University of Sheffield

Academic Leader & Moderator

Ana Marta González – University of Navarra

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