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Adam Joinson

Adam Joinson

UWE Bristol

Adam Joinson is Professor of Behavior Change at UWE Bristol. He has previously held posts at the University of Bath (in 'Information Systems'), and the Open University (in 'Educational Technology'). He has a first degree and PhD in Psychology. His research focuses on the interaction between psychology and technology, with a particular focus on measurable behavior. Recently this work has taken in privacy attitudes and behaviors, the social impact of monitoring technology, computer-mediated communication and communication behaviors (e.g. self-disclosure, communication accommodation) and the use and impact of social media. Since joining UWE Bristol in September 2012 as a member of the 'Bristol Social Marketing Centre' Prof. Joinson's research attention has been directed towards the ways in which technology can be used to change behavior to achieve a social good (e.g. improving health behaviors). He also spent 18 months on secondment between 2010 and 2012 working with the UK Government on cyber-security and behavioral science. He has published more than 60 books, journal papers and full archival conference proceedings, and has received funding support for his work from the EU FP7, UK funding agencies ESRC and EPSRC and the UK and US Government.

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