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Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg

Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg

Universit├Ąt of Bonn

Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg holds the chair in German and international criminal law and criminal procedure, comparative criminal law, and criminal law history at the Law Faculty of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität of Bonn, Germany, since 2011. Before that, he taught at the universities of Marburg, Münster, Dresden and Greifswald and held the chair in international and European criminal law at Saarland University. He studied law at the universities of Bonn and Geneva, received a master’s degree from Harvard Law School (1992) and was a clerk at the Federal Constitutional Court. His doctoral thesis (Bonn University, 1997) analyzes the presumption of innocence on a comparative law basis and his Habilitationsschrift (Bonn 2006) explores the concepts of intention and mistake as prolegomena for a theory of responsibility in international criminal law. His research interests include the philosophical and historical foundations of criminal law and criminal procedure as well as the comparative and international perspectives.

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