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Carla Collicelli

Carla Collicelli


Carla Collicelli holds a Degree in Philosophy by the University of Rome I “La Sapienza” with a specialization in Sociology, and attended Post Graduate Studies in Education and Sociology at the DIIPF (Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung) of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Ms. Collicelli has worked at Censis since 1980, serving as Deputy Director since 1993. Her research interests are the welfare system, healthcare, social and economic development models, migration, family and youth. She teaches Organizational Sociology and Health Sociology at the University of Rome III and I.


Since 1983, Ms. Collicelli has been a correspondent of Oecd (Paris) for the Sopemi Program (Systeme d’Observation Permanent sur les migrations). She has published several articles, essays and volumes, including: Le transizioni sommerse degli anni 90 (2004, Rubettino), Benessere e tutela (1998, Franco Angeli) and Una Mutua per il Nord-est? (1997, Marsilio).


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