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Christine Bell

Christine Bell

University of Edinburgh

Professor Bell is a qualified barrister and an Attorney-at-Law (US). She is a former Director of the Human Rights Centre, Queens University of Belfast, and of the Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster. She was also Chairperson of the Committee on the Administration of Justice, and a member of the first Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission established under the Belfast Agreement, which had responsibility for drafting a bill of rights for Northern Ireland. Her research interests lie in the interface between constitutional and international law, and gender and conflict, with a particular interest in peace processes and their agreements. She has participated in and given legal and constitutional advice to participants in a number of peace negotiations. Professor Bell has authored two books: On the Law of Peace: Peace Agreements and the Lex Pacificatoria (OUP, 2008), and Peace Agreements and Human Rights (OUP, 2000).

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