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Cristina Puigdengolas Carrera

Cristina Puigdengolas Carrera

Universidad Internacional de la Rioja

Global Legal Advisor for communities and individuals under social exclusion conditions. Professor Puigdengolas advises NGO mainly, and does legal advise and litigation for the poorest. She is an expert in Human Rights with an international approach due to her professional experience in the US, UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America and Spain in multinationals and international law firms (Telefónica, UniCredit, KPMG and Bank of New York). Associate Professor of Law at Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (Spain) and formerly at Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) and Il Sole 24 ore (Milan), Professor Puigdengolas is currently concluding her PhD at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid) on Human Science and Education on diversity focused on Children and Youth. Cristina holds several postgraduate studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Legal masters), Berkeley University (International negotiation), Columbia University (Law), New York University (Law), London Business School (MBA), London Metropolitan University (Law), ESADE (Management) and ESIC (International training for trainers) both in Madrid. “People needs first” and “make it happen” are her main driving mottos.

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