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Heide Fehrenbach

Heide Fehrenbach

Northern Illinois University

Board of Trustees Professor, and Distinguished Research Professor. 

Professor Fehrenbach's research covers the Cultural/Intellectual development of modern Europe, particularly Germany, and themes of Gender, Sexuality and Women, Nationalism and Identity, and Race and Ethnicity. Her  current research concerns the visual history of humanitarian advocacy, including a current book project that explores the history of humanitarianism through the lens of the camera and its symbolic focus on the child. Previous publications have considered the social and cultural effects of World War II, postwar processes of democratization and “Americanisation,” and transitions in racial and gender ideologies in post-fascist Germany. Publications include Humanitarian Photography: A History (edited with Davide Rodogno, CUP, 2015), and After the Nazi Racial State: Difference and Democracy in Germany and Europe (written with Rita Chin, Geoff Eley, and Atina Grossmann, University of Michigan Press, 2009).

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