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Helmut Willke

Helmut Willke

University of Bielfeld

Helmut Willke has been teaching planning and decision theory since 1983 in the University of Bielfeld’s department of sociology, and state theory and global governance since 2002.  He also holds visiting professorships in Washington, D.C., Geneva and Vienna.

His main areas of interest and praxis are in systems theory, state theory, global governance and global regime building; organizational development, systems dynamics and systems guidance; and knowledge management (introduction, instruments, strategies).

Among his main publications are:  Systemtheorie I.  Eine Einführung in die Grundprobleme. 7th Edition, Stuttgart 2004 (UTB); Systemtheorie II: Interventionstheorie. 3rd Edition, Stuttgart 1999 (UTB): Systemtheorie III: Steuerungstheorie. 3rd Edition, Stuttgart 1995 (UTB); Ironie des Staates, Frankfrurt 1992 (Suhrkamp); Supervision des Staates, Frankfurt 1997 (Suhrkamp); Systemisches Wissensmanagement, Stuttgart 1998 (UTB); Atopia, Frankfurt 2001 (Suhrkamp); Dystopia, Frankfurt 2002 (Suhrkamp); and Heterotopia, Frankfurt 2003 (Suhrkamp).

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