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Ole Jacob Sending

Ole Jacob Sending

Ole Jacob Sending (Dr. Polit) is Director of Research at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). His research focuses on global governance, with a particular focus on the functioning and transformations of state and non-state actors. He has been visiting scholar at the International Peace Institute, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley. He has also worked as a senior advisor in the Policy Analysis Unit at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He is co-author, with Iver B. Neumann, of Governing the Global Polity (University of Michigan Press, 2010; Recipient of IPS Best Book Award 2012). Recent works include The Politics of Expertise: Competing for Authority in Global Governance (University of Michigan Press, 2015), and Diplomacy and the Making of World Politics (co-edited with V. Pouliot and I. B. Neumann, Cambridge University Press, 2015). He is currently working on a book manuscript with Leonard Seabrooke on The Market for Anarchy.  

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