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Patricia Debeljuh

Patricia Debeljuh

Centro Walmart ConciliaciĆ³n Familia y Empresa

Ms. Debeljuh earned her PhD from the University of Navarra (Spain, 2002). She is the Director of the Centro Walmart Conciliación Familia y Empresa (CONFyE) at  IAE Business School, Universidad Austral (Argentina). She has supported corporative family responsibility in Argentina and other countries of the region. She has written several books, among them:  Varón + Mujer = Complementariedad (2013), Ética Empresarial (2009), La conquista de las virtudes en la empresa (2003) and El desafío de la ética (2003). She has also published, in collaboration with other authors, Hacia la responsabilidad familiar corporativa (2013), Hacia una empresa familiarmente responsable: Guía de Buenas Prácticas (2011) and Mujer y Liderazgo: construyendo desde la complementariedad (2010), among others.

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