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Pippa Oldfield

Pippa Oldfield

Durham University

Doctoral Fellow, School of Modern Languages and Cultures; Head of Progamme, Impressions Gallery, Bradford; Member, Centre for Visual Arts and Culture. 

Dr Oldfield is a photography curator and researcher with interests in the relationship between photography and war; women’s histories and experiences; and photography and visual culture in Latin America. Her PhD research questioned the assumption that the genre of war photography is a masculine domain surveyed by the photojournalist at the frontline, and instead considered an expanded territory that might more adequately represent women's experiences, showing women to be critical observers and political actors in the sphere of war and its photographic manifestations. Pippa’s practice as a curator develops and shares her research in the public domain through nationally-touring exhibitions that are accompanied by public engagement programmes and publications. Pippa has spoken about her curatorial work at public venues including The Photographers’ Gallery (London) and Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool), and via broadcast media including BBC Television and Radio. She co-convened (with Tom Allbeson) the international conference 'The Business of War Photography: Producing and Consuming Images of Conflict'.

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