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Stuart Duffin

Stuart Duffin

One Family

Stuart Duffin is Director of Policy and Programs with One Family. One Family is one of Ireland's leading agencies working to ensure a positive and equal future for all members of all one-parent families and families in transition. He is also Advisory Executive for New Communities Partnership (NPC), which seeks to empower and represent ethnic minorities in Ireland.  He is a member of the Department of Finance’s Financial Inclusion Taskforce and a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Employment Supports. He is an expert on welfare-to-work policy and practice and family-work-life balance. He is also Vice Chair of Llamau, a leading homelessness charity for vulnerable young people and women in Wales.

In the past, he has assisted organizations in reviewing governance arrangements, strategic planning, preparing for inspection, and has assisted organizations in transition. He has also been a special advisor to the Italian MEP Barbara Matera, and is Adjunct Professor of Community Development and Social Change at the Institute of Technology, in Carlow, Ireland.

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