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Wendy Kozol

Wendy Kozol

Oberlin College

Professor and Program Director of Comparative American Studies; Affiliate of the Faculty of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism Studies. 

Professor Kozol's research and teaching interests include visual culture studies, comparative feminist theories and methodologies, and militarization, human rights and visual witnessing. Her most recent book is Distant Wars Visible: The Ambivalence of Witnessing (University of Minnesota, 2014), which examines a range of visual cultures that depict 21st century US military conflicts to consider the politics of spectatorship and empathy shaping visual witnessing practices. Other recent publications include two essays co-authored with Rebecca A. Adelman ’01, “Ornamenting the Unthinkable: Visualizing Survival Under Occupation,” Women’s Studies Quarterly (Spring/Summer 2016); and “Discordant Affects: Ambivalence, Banality, and the Ethics of Spectatorship.” Theory & Event (Fall 2014).

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