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Scott Lash

Scott Lash

Goldsmiths College, University of London

Scott Lash is Professor of Sociology and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he is Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies.

Professor Lash's recent books include Critique of Information (2002), Global Culture Industry (2007) and Intensive Culture (2010). His books have been translated into 15 languages. Lash has directed a series of large-scale research projects on technological media from 1996 to present. He is currently running a project on the Chinese city, in regard to which he has learned Mandarin. This research will be published under the title Local State Capitalism: Urban China.  He is also a Project Leader in the Goldsmiths Media Research Program. His research interests include social and cultural theory, information society, multimedia and urban studies.

Lash received a BS in Psychology from the University of Michigan, an MA in Sociology from Northwestern University, and a PhD from the London School of Economics (1980). 

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