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Karen Ho

Karen Ho

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Karen Ho is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Her research centers on the problematic of understanding and representing financial markets, sites that are resistant to cultural analysis and often disavow various attempts to locate or particularize them. Her domain of interest is the anthropology of economy, broadly conceived, with specific foci on finance capital, capitalism, globalization, corporations, socio-economic inequalities, and comparative ethnic and feminist studies. She is the author of Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street (Duke University Press, 2009), Corporate Nostalgia: Managerial Capitalism from a Contemporary Perspective (Corporations and Citizenship. Urban, Greg, ed., 2014), and Gens: A Feminist Manifesto for the Study of Capitalism (co-authored, Theorizing the Contemporary Series, Cultural Anthropology Online, March 30, 2015). 

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