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Marta Bertolaso

Marta Bertolaso

University Campus Bio-Medico

Marta Bertolaso is Assistant Professor for Philosophy of Science at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy. She got a degree in Biological Sciences before starting her philosophical studies. Her scientific and philosophical interests have been mainly focused on the epistemological assumptions of Systems Biology, on the organizational principles of complex biological systems and on the process of scientific understanding when dealing with developmental processes and growth. More recently, she has been also invited to integrate interdisciplinary research programs in order to analyse the implications for sociology, economics, education, bio-engineering and theology of the emerging relational explanatory categories in philosophy of life sciences. Among her books: Bertolaso M (2013) How Science works. Choosing Levels of Explanation in Biological Sciences, Aracne s.r.l., Rome; Bertolaso M (Ed) (2015), “The Future of Scientific Practice: ‘Bio-Techno-Logos’”, Pickering & Chatto Publishers, London. 

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