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Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton

Princeton University

Roger Scruton is a British philosopher and freelance writer. He is also a broadcaster, journalist, composer, and countryside campaigner. He is honorary Professor of Philosophy at the University of Buckingham. From 1982-2000 he edited The Salisbury Review, a journal of conservative thought. He founded the Conservative Philosophy Group. He writes a regular wine column for the New Statesman. His second opera 'Violet' was performed by the Guildhall School of Music, in London, Dec. 2005. His most recent books are News from Somewhere – on Settling about his life as a meta-farmer, Death Devoted Heart – Sex and the Saacred in Wagner's Tristan and Isolde, and "The Soul of the World".

In his many published writings Mr. Scruton seeks to understand and uphold the various achievements of Western Culture, and the institutions through which it is passed on to future generations. In his political philosophy, he articulates and defends conservatism. His primary field however is aesthetics, in which he criticizes post-modernism and architectural modernism, and attempts to comprehend music.

Read his article "The End of the University", published by First Things on April, 2015.

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