Tag: Family

Mar, 27 '18

An Essential Lens through Which to Understand Human Flourishing

As the home is a living deposit of the human culture of care and transmission of values, it plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of all members of society. The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections addresses the many facets of this contribution.

Jan, 30 '18

Economic Mobility and Family Structure

Richard Reeves takes issue with some of the ways upper-middle-class families perpetuate their relative advantages, locking-in and even increasing inequality. He identifies behaviors he calls 'dream hoarding,' those that unfairly corner the American dream for those who are already living it.

Dec, 11 '17

No Salary, No Progeny

Economist Alicia Adserà explains some of the ways fertility and employment choices are interrelated. Professor Adserà participated in the Experts Meeting Whither the Child?, which dealt with the issue of low fertility in developed nations.

Nov, 20 '17

Families in a Changing Society

What will families look like in the future? Are existing social and family policies compatible with changes in family patterns? The project “FamiliesAndSocieties – Changing families and sustainable societies,” coordinated by Stockholm University, studies questions like these.

Oct, 31 '17

Cheap Sex

This provocatively-titled new book by Mark Regnerus has stirred up some controversy. The author, a sociologist from the University of Texas at Austin, expounds on the work and addresses some criticisms of it in this interview with STI.

Mar, 23 '17

Cohabitation: “Until Life Do Us Part”

Data do not support the claim that “marriage is just a piece of paper.” The paperless alternative – cohabitation - is measurably less stable, both for the adults who choose it and for their children, who don’t have the luxury of choice.

Feb, 28 '17

Apt to Be Overlooked

If domestic tasks and direct care were assigned a monetary value, they would constitute between 10% and 39% of Gross Domestic Product, but they are generally unrecognized and undervalued by policymakers and legislators.

Dec, 27 '16

Does Divorce Contribute to Social Inequalities?

Understanding families in order to understand society. This is the motivation behind Marta Castillo González’ Master’s Degree work. She intends to analyze whether divorce provokes social inequalities. Is this real?

Jun, 13 '16

World Family Map Report Highlighted at the United Nations

Speaking at the fourth annual commemoration of Global Parents’ Day at the UN, STI contributor W. Bradford Wilcox presented conclusions from this and the previous year’s World Family Map reports to an audience of some 200 diplomats and NGO leaders.

Jan, 11 '16

Implications of the Gender Gap

This is the second IFFD policy paper on unpaid work shared by its Director of International Relations, Ignacio Socias. This paper considers the influence of gender inequality on labor outcome.

Dec, 28 '15

The Value of Care and Domestic Work

Ignacio Socias, Director of International Relations at the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) shared with STI two policy papers on the value of unpaid work in the home, the first of which follows. The second will follow next week.