Investing in Children Round Table

Barcelona, Spain | September 24, 2014

The International Round Table “Investing in Children” will center on one main topic for discussion: children's poverty.

The issue will be approached from an innovative perspective: after analyzing the socio–cultural conditions associated with the phenomena, scholars will analyze how character, citizenship and relationships education can contribute to breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty.



Principal Inquiries

The International Round Table will deal with the following discussion questions: 

  • What are the impacts of family structure and poverty on outcomes for children? 
  • Do those outcomes mean intergenerational transmission of poverty? 
  • How can character and citizenship education contribute to breaking the cycle of disadvantage?

The World Family Map Project has studied the consequences of social and cultural contexts and processes on individuals (the children). It is time to discuss how their flourishing as social actors can contribute to tackling socio–cultural problems.

In consequence, the project has 2 main goals:

  • To discuss from an interdisciplinary perspective the evidence and recommendations made by the World Family Map project team.
  • To facilitate an agreement on concrete recommendations for policy and decision making.


Willem Adema - OECD

Maria Sophia Aguirre - Catholic University of America

James Arthur - University of Birmingham

Rita Cavallotti - Institute of Advanced Family Studies

María Jimena Crespo - University of Alcalá

Patricia Debeljuh - Centro Walmart Conciliación Familia y Empresa

Laurie DeRose - University of Maryland

Stuart Duffin - One family

Marc Grau - Institute of Advanced Family Studies

Andrea M. Maccarini - University of Padova

Marion Macleod - Children in Scotland

Leonardo Martins Dias - LEAD

Pau Miret-Gamundi - Center for Demographic Studies - UAB

Concepción Naval - University of Navarra

Cristina Puigdengolas Carrera - Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Reynaldo Rivera - Intermedia Social Innovation

Pau Serra del Pozo - Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

W. Bradford Wilcox - University of Virginia