Ana Marta González

Ana Marta González is Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. She has led several research projects, exploring intersections between moral philosophy and social sciences. Previously serving as its director, she is currently a principal researcher in the Emotional Culture and Identity project at the University of Navarra’s Institute for Culture and Society.  She holds a post as academician at the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences (PASS). Professor González serves as Academic Leader of STI's Culture and Lifestyles branch.

Among her publications are: La articulación ética de la vida social (Comares, 2016); To Fix or To Heal: Patient Care, Public Health, and the Limits of Biomedicine (NYU Press, 2016); Care Professions and Globalization (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014); Identities Through Fashion (Berg Publishers, 2012); Frontiers of Globalization: Kinship and Family Structures in Africa (Africa World Press, 2010); Kant's Contribution to Social Theory (Kant Studien, 2009), Practical Rationality and Human Agency (with Alejandro Vigo, Olms, 2010), La ética explorada (Eunsa, 2009), Razón práctica y ciencias sociales en la ilustración escocesa (with Raquel Lázaro, Anuario filosófico, 2009), Ficción e identidad: ensayos de cultura postmoderna (Rialp, 2009), Contemporary Perspectives on Natural Law: Natural Law as a Limiting Concept (Ashgate, 2008), and Distinción social y moda (Eunsa, 2007).

She was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard in 2002-2003 where she worked with Christine Korsgaard on the relationship between nature, culture, and morality in Kant’s practical philosophy. She earned her PhD from the University of Navarra.

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