Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle

Harvard University

Bob Doyle is currently an Associate in the Astronomy Department at Harvard University, where he received his PhD in Astrophysics. He runs a blog for philosophical issues dedicated to what he calls “information philosophy”. His website ( is dedicated to solving problems of free will, epistemology, and the objective foundation of moral values. He recently published the following articles on free will: "Free Will: it’s a normal biological property, not a gift or a mystery” (Nature, 2009) and “Jamesian Free Will: The Two-Stage Model of William James” (William James Studies, 2009).

In 2011, he published a sourcebook on free will - Free Will: the Scandal in Philosophy.
Professor Doyle blogs on the I-Phi blog at his information philosopher website, as well as at bobdoylebog. Read more of his blog posts on free will at "The Garden of Forking Paths".

Read the abstract of the paper Professor Doyle presented for STI's Is Science Compatible with Our Desire for Freedom? experts meeting.

Read "Two Steps to Free Will", written by Craig Lambert and published by Harvard Magazine on Prof. Doyle's Free Will: the Scandal in Philosophy.

Watch a YouTube video of his STI presentation: