Catherine Hakim

Catherine Hakim

London School of Economics

Catherine Hakim is Professorial Research Fellow at Civitas, the London think tank. From 1993 to 2011, she was Senior Research Fellow in the London School of Economics. She is an internationally recognized expert on women's employment, social policy, and labor market trends, and is a frequent contributor to media debates on women's position in society and gender equality issues.

Her publications include over 100 papers published in social science journals and edited collections, as well as textbooks on research design and research methods. Recent books include Work-Lifestyle Choices in the 21st Century: Preference Theory (Oxford University Press, 2000), Social Change and Innovation in the Labour Market (Oxford University Press, 1998), Models of the Family in Modern Societies: Ideals and Realities (Ashgate 2003) and Key Issues in Women's Work (Glasshouse Press, 2004).

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