David Finegold

David Finegold

Rutgers University

At the time of the Experts Meeting, David Finegold was the Dean of the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.  He is now Senior Vice President of Lifelong Learning and Strategic Growth there. Prior to joining Rutgers, Dr. Finegold was a professor at the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, CA and at USC’s Marshall School of Business.

He is the author of more than 90 articles, book chapters and policy reports, and has written or edited six books, including, Corporate Boards: Adding Value at the Top (with Jay Conger and Ed Lawler) and BioIndustry Ethics (Elsevier Academic Press, 2005). He consults and provides executive education and coaching to public and private sector organizations on issues about talent management and employee development, corporate governance, integrating ethics into strategic decision-making, and designing effective organizations.

He has been a Forum Fellow of the World Economic Forum . He is a member of the Academy of Management and a reviewer for Sloan Management Review, Industrial Relations, California Management Review, Industrial and Labour Review, and The British Journal of Industrial Relations.

He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where he received his DPhil in Politics.