María Luengo

María Luengo, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Carlos III University of Madrid, works on culture, journalism and the civil sphere. Her book Periodismo social (Social Journalism), co-authored with Juana Gallego (2014), interprets developments at the nexus of social trends and movements, gender and migration, and journalistic culture and practice over the last two decades in Spain. Her recent articles and books include "Gender violence: the media, civil society and the struggle for human rights in Argentina" (Media, Culture and Society, 2017), “When Codes Collide: Journalists Push Back Against Digital Desecration” (Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences 8, 2015), “Constructing the Crisis of Journalism” (Journalism Studies, 2014), “The Times Picayune y los discursos noticiosos sobre el colapso del periodismo norteamericano” (Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico, 2013) and “Narrating the Civil Sphere: A New Theoretical Perspective on Journalistic Autonomy” (Communication & Society, 2012).

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