Maria Rosaria Brizi

Maria Rosaria Brizi

University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy

Maria Rosaria Brizi has a qualification as Licensed lawyer, with a PhD on international relations.

She is Co-lecturer in Human Ecology and Sustainability at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Faculty of Engineering. She has also been Lecturer in International negotiation, political and juridical means of dispute settlement at Tallinn University of Technology School of Economics, Department of International Relations, and Lecturer in International arbitration at ERIICTA University (European Regional Academy), Faculty of Law, Yerevan, Armenia.

Previously, she has been Administrative officer Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure at Rome, Italy.

Currently, she has a research and communication affiliation with Home Renaissance Foundation London, UK, and she is a Research fellow (energy and environmental policy) at Luiss – Guido Carli University – Department of political science.