Mauro Magatti

Mauro Magatti is full professor of sociology in the department of social and political sciences at Milan’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (UCSC). He is also Permanent Research Fellow of the Center for Ethics and Culture at Notre Dame University in Indiana, and Director of the Center for the Anthropology of Religion and Cultural Change (ARC) at UCSC.

He is the founder of the Archivio della Generativita Sociale, member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Political Anthropology, of Studi di Sociologia and of Aggiornamenti Sociali, and columnist for Il Corriere della Sera.Edited and contributed to the publication Social Generativity: A Relational Paradigm for Social Change.

At the Can Benevolence Change the World? virtual experts meeting, Professor Magatti presented the work "Benevolence and Social Generativity,” co-authored with Chiara Giaccardi.