Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips is a British journalist, broadcaster and author. Her weekly column, which currently appears in The Times of London, has been published over the years in the GuardianObserver, Sunday Times and Daily Mail. She also writes for the Jerusalem Post and Jewish Chronicle, is a regular panelist on BBC Radio's The Moral Maze and speaks on public platforms throughout the English-speaking world.

Her best-selling book Londonistan, about the British establishment's capitulation to Islamist aggressionwas published in 2006 by Encounter, New York. She followed this in 2010 with The World Turned Upside Downthe Global Battle over God, Truth and Power, also published by Encounter. 

An updated paperback edition of Guardian Angel, her personal and political memoir, is being published in the US in January 2018. Her first novel,The Legacy, is due to be published there in the spring.

You can follow Phillips’ work at, on Twitter at @MelanieLatest or on Facebook at