Nuria Chinchilla

Nuria Chinchilla

IESE Business School

Nuria Chinchilla is Professor in the “Managing People in Organizations” Department, and Director of the International Center for Work and Family, at IESE Business School (University of Navarra).

Professor Chinchilla has a PhD in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Navarra, a law degree from the University of Barcelona, an MBA and a PhD from IESE Business School. She started her career at IESE in 1984. She is a consultant to a wide range of companies and a member on the boards of various organizations. She is a member of Top Ten Management in Spain, as well as many other professional associations and academies, and serves on numerous boards and committees. She is President and Founder of the company NCH & Partners: developing people and organizations.

The areas she specializes in are work-life balance, coaching, professional careers, time management, interpersonal conflicts, organizational change and development, executive committees and family‚Äźresponsible companies.

She has received many awards including: the FEDEPE prize for Woman Manager of the year in 2001, “Most Valuable Speaker 2007” from the Interban Network, the Women Manager award in the category of Work 2008 from the magazine “Estrategia Directiva”, the ALMUR and ASEM Gold Award from the Women’s Company Association for her continuing work to support Work-Life balance, as well as the “Fundación Alares” award to her outstanding professional, research and educational trajectory.

Among her many books are: Balancing Work and Family, with Mireia Las Heras and Aline D. Masuda (2010); Masters of Our Destiny, with Maruja Moragas (Eunsa, 2008), which has also been published in Spanish and Portugese; and Female Ambition: How to Reconcile Work and Family (Palgrave, 2005), which is also available in Spanish.

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