Employees Don’t See Much Excellence in Company Values, Study Reveals

30 Oct 2019

Spanish employees find the firms they work for wanting in important indicators of values and excellence, and report low levels of satisfaction and identification with their places of business.

STI Experts

The Excellence and Values and Study has revealed a disturbing lack of values and excellence in Spanish workplaces, as perceived by employees. The transversal study, led by International Center for Work and Family director, Mireia Las Heras, delved into companies’ social and business sustainability values.  

6,290 employees of diverse sectors and with different levels of responsibility were asked to rate their companies in three areas: effectiveness (using resources efficiently to generate profit on a useful good or service); learning (providing the resources necessary for the development of its employees); and identification (stimulating company loyalty and commitment to a shared purpose among staff). Only 28% rated their companies as excellent by these standards, with almost half judging their workplaces as intermediate, and almost a quarter calling theirs poor. 

This perceived lack of excellence leads to a 70% rate of dissatisfaction among employees with permanent contracts. Only 3 out of 10 say they are happy with their jobs. An even smaller percentage (11% of men and 24% of women) consider themselves well paid, despite most feeling that they give their work their best effort. This frustration leads more than three quarters to suspect that stress is harming people’s health in their company. Respondents without permanent contracts judged firms less harshly, perhaps, suggested the study, because beggars can’t be choosers.

Although the report, prepared in collaboration with the Spanish human resources firm Eurofirms, revealed remarkably low employee satisfaction, it suggests five paths towards excellence to improve the situation. It recommends that firms endeavor to provide: 

  • Fair remuneration, which reflects the extent to which employee’s contributions are valued by the firm;
  • Motivation and opportunities for growth encourage employees to develop and improve their skills;
  • A healthy, low-stress environment with reasonable hours and sufficient downtime and rest;
  • Strong identifiers that excite employees about the company’s purpose and mission;
  • Clear contributions to society that allow workers to feel part of the firm’s social value.