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Apr, 08 '20

All Great Minds Think for Themselves

STI extended an invitation/request to experts from various fields to offer a thought on what this global health crisis means or might mean in the future in the context of their field, and/or to society as a whole. Professors and practitioners of sociology, international relations, law, history, philosophy, media, and bioethics offered the impressions, reflections, and predictions collected below (in alphabetical order). Food for thought… 

Apr, 07 '20

Don’t Expect a Wave of ‘Coronababies’ 9 Months from Now, Nor Any Time Soon

Not only will the COVID-19 pandemic not result in the birth of ‘coronababies’ conceived in confinement, explains demographic researcher Lyman Stone, it is almost certain to produce the opposite effect. He shared his findings with housebound viewers around the globe in an April 3 Webinar titled “Will Coronavirus Boost Fertility.”

Jun, 08 '18

Robert George and Cornel West Practice What They Preach

These two university professors and public intellectuals from “opposite sides” of the political spectrum came together again on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death display their “brotherhood” despite ideological differences.

Feb, 28 '18

Many Cooks in the Global Governance Kitchen

Are world leaders and world institutions up to the task of solving the ever-growing range of global problems? An international group of scholars met do debate this question and others in Geneva on February 10-11, co-hosted by STI and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

Feb, 23 '18

Holiness in the Flesh

The second of the 2018 holy land dialogues considers the quest of Christians and Jews to conquer the concrete realities of life.

Feb, 13 '18

Defending the West through the Hebrew Bible

British author and journalist Melanie Phillips decries cultural rejection of the Hebrew Bible, arguing that western civilization today will only be rescued if it reaffirms its religious roots in Christianity and in the Hebrew Bible.

Sep, 30 '17

International Relations: Anarchy or Hierarchy?

In academia, the world of international relations has long been understood as anarchical. But mightn't it be more heirarchical? Ayşe Zarakol's book "Heirarchies in World Politics" makes that case.

Aug, 31 '17

Media Literacy Helps People Make Smart Choices

Media are important players in society – the proverbial ‘fourth estate’. Renee Hobbs has dedicated her career to promoting media literacy, “in the hopes of transforming passive consumers into critical users and active citizens.”

Jun, 30 '17

The Thousand Words behind a Picture

Photographs are powerful storytellers. But what stories do they tell? In the image-heavy modern environment, it’s ever more important to choose photographs’ proverbial ‘thousand words’ carefully.

May, 15 '17

The Divine in Contemporary Legal Norms

Is there a theological defense for obliging laws that protect us from unjust harm? Craig J. Iffland seeks one, delving into theological questions with interdisciplinary scope.

Mar, 10 '17

Can Real News Be Rescued?

With insidious fake news popping up all over, the late Wolfgang Donsbach’s reflections on the interaction of society and media bear reflection. Below is an excerpt from his chapter in What Society Needs from Media in the Age of Digital Media.

Dec, 16 '16

If Only Trump Were as Predictable as Reagan

In a more militarized, unpredictable and unstable world, power becomes regionalized, but I was afraid of that with Reagan, too, and in the end we survived. Under Trump, the US has already lost its status as a reliable ally.

Apr, 11 '16

New Marketing

More human, ethical, inspiring, respectful and at the service the common good. This is the new marketing that STI Expert Professor Francisco Pérez Latre (University of Navarra) defends.

Jan, 18 '16

A Call to Invigorate Society

Harold James, Co-Editor of 'The Thriving Society' and member of our Board of Advisers, encourages readers to strive towards a society that is not merely decent but dynamic.

Oct, 26 '15

What Are the Requisites for a Thriving Society?

'The Thriving Society: On the Social Conditions of Human Flourishing' is a newly published collection of essays aimed at demystifying the key economic, social, and moral foundations of successful societies.

Sep, 28 '15

Can News Organizations Learn from the Digital Innovators?

Lucy Küng, Visiting Fellow at Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and Professor of Media Innovation at the University of Oslo, shares the keys to digital news’ success in a recently published book.

May, 18 '15

'The End of the University', by Roger Scruton

British philosopher and writer Roger Scruton considers the social and moral purpose of the university in this article for 'First Things'. Scruton has participated in four Experts Meetings organized by STI.

Apr, 14 '15

Is Citizenship in Jeopardy? The Concept Must Evolve

David Thunder seeks to rehabilitate the ethical standpoint in political philosophy in his book 'Citizenship and the Pursuit of the Worthy Life' (Cambridge University Press, 2014). He discusses the work with STI.

Jul, 29 '14

Pornography: A Harmful Product for Society’s Moral Ecology

This article summarizes and analyzes the social harms of pornography as considered in "Los costes sociales de la pornografía" (Ed. Rialp). The review was written by Fernando Rodríguez-Borlado and published by Aceprensa on June 11, 2014 in Spanish.

Apr, 24 '14

How is Double Effect Applied?

San Francisco Philosophy Professor Thomas Anthony Cavanaugh explains the practical applications of Double Effect, citing some of the theory’s implications for political, legal and ethical questions.