The World Family Map 2015 Report Is Now Available in Spanish

10 May 2016

Because three of the project’s academic partners are universities in Latin America, and one in Spain, the Spanish edition is particularly relevant.

STI Experts

The Social Trends Institute and Child Trends are pleased to present the Spanish translation of "The World Family Map 2015: Mapping Family Change and Child Well-being Outcomes," an international research project that tracks family trends around the globe.

This is the third year STI sponsors the project and its translation into Spanish. The report has been translated as "Mapa de los cambios en la familia y consecuencias en el bienestar infantil."  This year, in addition to the participation of various Spanish-speaking institutions, the report includes a special supplement reviewing the division of paid and domestic work among Peruvian couples, making its availability in Spanish more important.

The study provides the latest insights into the global health of the family across nearly fifty countries that harbor the majority of the world’s population. The report offers key findings of 16 indicators on family, organized in four areas: family structure, family socioeconomics, family process, and family culture.

As every year, the report includes an original essay focusing on a concrete aspect of family life. This year’s main essay focuses on work-family arrangements around the world and how they influence people’s happiness. Its main conclusion is that parents who have a partner with whom to divide work and family responsibilities report more happiness than parents who do not have a partner. Although no particular approach to the division of labor is consistently linked to higher levels of happiness among parents in most parts of the world.

Some ten institutes and research centers from around the world have participated in this year's edition of the World Family Map, principally the Institute for Family Studies (United States), which co-sponsors the study.

The project is led by STI Expert W. Bradford Wilcox (Director of the National Marriage Project of University of Virginia, and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies) with Laura H. Lippman of Child Trends. IFS’s Anna Sutherland edited the report. 


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