The Family branch of the Social Trends Institute seeks to enhance the understanding of marriage and family life in contemporary societies around the world. This branch is also dedicated to exploring the ways in which strong and stable families serve the common good in the modern world.

At STI, we support the publication of the research we sponsor. We are proud to present the following publications:

The Home in the Digital Age

The Home in the Digital Age. Routledge, 2021, 216 pp. Editors: Antonio Argandoña, Joy Malala, Richard Peatfield

El Dividendo Demográfico Sostenible

W. Bradford Wilcox (ed), El Dividendo Demográfico Sostenible ¿Qué tienen que ver el matrimonio y la fecundidad con la economía?, 2012, 60pp.

El matrimonio importa

W. Bradford Wilcox (ed), El matrimonio importa. Veintiséis argumentos de las ciencias sociales, Social Trends Institute, 2006, 48pp.