The Governance branch of the Social Trends Institute seeks to contribute to the analysis of the changes taking place in the governance of the business corporation.  STI recognizes the enormous contribution that business organizations make toward the socio-economic development of communities around the world. Thus, the  Governance branch seeks to encourage updated business models based on a commitment to creating wealth in ways that are compatible with people's personal and professional development and with society's needs.

At STI, we support the publication of the research we sponsor. We are proud to present the following publications:

Profit, Prudence and Virtue

Samuel Gregg and James Stoner (eds), Profit, Prudence and Virtue. Essays in Ethics, Business and Management, Imprint Academic, 2009, 300pp.

Rethinking Business Management

Samuel Gregg and James R. Stoner, Rethinking Business Management. Examining the Foundations of Business Education, Distributed Presses, 2008, 240pp.